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A Quarter of the Way In

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So here we are a quarter of the way into 2015 already, the sun is out and it is getting warmer in London.

In January, I spelt out some goals I wanted to achieve for 2015 and four months into the year seems like a good moment to take stock of things.

The first thing I wanted to achieve was to write one blog post a week. So far I have posted 15 times (including this one) and we are up to 16 weeks into the year – only 1 post behind! That’s actually not too bad. I haven’t chalked up as many analytical posts as I wanted to, but I am pleased to have gotten into the habit of writing one post a week.

On the book front – I had set myself a goal of reading one book a month. To date I have finished three, so once again a little behind the set expectation:

I am in the process of reading:

My own book writing though has languished… I am not even sure I want to go into the whys and whats and I probably should to get the ball rolling again. Let’s add that one to the TODO list.

On the side project front, I surprised myself a little and released a gem – which has been downloaded 2557 times to date. I suspect the majority are mine ;) That was an interesting experiment and I blogged about it quite a bit.

I also left Skype after 2 years and releasing the Skype for Web experience (which actually had it’s first and to that point only release back in November). I now work for Red Badger as a Technical Architect and I am having a lot of fun again. A upcoming blog post will describe how we are building and continously shipping an isomorphic app using React, Arch and Docker to AWS using Circle CI. I cannot emphasies enough, how much changing your tooling and being able to use the best in breed tools can mean to your personal (/developer) happiness, productivity and enthusiasm.

So in summary, a little behind the content output and intake I wanted to achieve. I did release one side project. I have migrated things around on my site a little to make the refresh a little easier. Changed jobs. On a personal note, my son James got his British citizenship and Jodie got her indefinite leave to remain. So far 2015 has been kind to us, let’s hope it continues – knock on wood!